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Sean Plays the Jazz

June 24, 2018

I recently revisited and listened to an old recording of me doing some jazz improvisation on the piano.

I was teaching myself how to read music for the piano and most of these are exercises I was doing to follow along with the Music Theory by Hal Leonard book I was studying from.

To create these tracks I used 3 pieces of equipment: Roland SP-606, Axiom49 MIDI Keyboard and Logic Pro on iMac.

I'd come up with a little jazzy drum loop using the Roland, then open up Logic Pro and find the grand piano. I'd loop the drum loop for 2-4 minutes and hit record, and then do some piano improv over the drums.

California Dreaming

July 04, 2018

Weekly Song #1


July 17, 2018

Weekly Song #2

Welcome 29

July 22, 2018

Weekly Song #3


July 26, 2018

Weekly Song #4


August 01, 2018

Weekly Song #5


September 01, 2018

Weekly Song #9

Love Loop

September 02, 2018

Weekly Song #10

Chill Off

September 15, 2018

Weekly Song #12

All Cylinders

October 06, 2018

Weekly Song #14

Rain On A Saturday

October 21, 2018

Weekly Song #16


October 27, 2018

Weekly Song #17


November 08, 2018

Weekly Song #18


November 18, 2018

Weekly Song #19

Summer Wine

November 18, 2018

This is a song I co-produced that was just released out of Assemble Sound in Detroit, Michigan by an artist named Flint Eastwood. I did the drums.


January 01, 2019

Weekly Song #20


March 23, 2019

Weekly Song #21