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September 16, 2018

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September 15, 2018

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It's kind of surprising that something a lot of us drink, and enjoy drinking, is actually good for us and can provide lots of great benefits for us. Usually, the things we all enjoy consuming - sugary drinks and snacks, alcohol, carbs, etc. - should probably be consumed with caution. However, coffee has been shown to have some great anti-agings side effects so to speak. One study published in Nature Medicine in Jan. 2017 revealed an inflammatory mechanism that is associated with aging and the diseases that come along with it. "Metabolites, or breakdown products, of nucleic acids — the molecules that serve as building blocks for our genes — circulating in the blood can trigger this inflammatory process, the study found." The study found that caffeine and its own metabolites may counter the action of the circulating nucleic-acid metabolites. It also stated that more than 90 percent of noncommunicable diseases of aging - many cancers, Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, cardiovascular disease, osteoarthritis and even depression - are associated with inflammation. This particular study found an inflammatory mechanism and then did an analysis of blood samples, survey data and medical and family histories obtained from more than 100 human participants in a multiyear study. Their study revealed that the inflammatory mechanism was directly countered by caffeine and its associated compounds.

News Center. (2018). Caffeine may counter age-related inflammation. [online] Available at: [Accessed 20 Sep. 2018].

Another study "performed a large comprehensive study on how coffee consumption is associated with telomere length, a biomarker of aging whose shortening can be accelerated by oxidative stress." The sample size of the study was almost 5,000 women. Coffee consumption information was obtained from food frequency questionnaires and telomere length was measured in peripheral blood leukocytes. The study concluded that higher total coffee consumption was significantly associated with longer telomeres. "Shorter telomeres have been associated with lower life expectancy and higher risks of age-related chronic diseases. Because coffee consumption can reduce oxidative stress and affect DNA integrity, it is plausible that coffee consumption may be associated with telomere length." DNA integrity! Decent name for a coffee shop?

Not only does coffee potentially help you live longer, it also contains many antioxidants - caffeine, chlorogenic acid, diterpenes, melanoidins, and polyphenols. I just recently started getting more into drinking one cup a day. I find that it helps me focus on my work, and feel good and energized doing so. I definitely will continue to stay up to date on what the scientists are saying, but for now I will keep drinking my daily cup.

Liu, J., Crous-Bou, M., Giovannucci, E. and De Vivo, I. (2018). Coffee Consumption Is Positively Associated with Longer Leukocyte Telomere Length in the Nurses' Health Study.